Hardik Patel’s big statement regarding change in Congress leadership? Said- Talk to the leaders of G23 too



Amid questions being raised about its future as a national alternative after the humiliating defeat of the Congress in the recent assembly polls, party’s Gujarat unit working president Hardik Patel on Sunday said the party needs to change its methodology and ” Necessary steps should be taken to strengthen the party by talking to everyone including the leaders of ‘G23’ group. Expressing faith in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, he also said that decisions within the party should not be delayed and a balance should be struck between senior leaders- youth.

Hardik Patel said, “These are very surprising election results, especially in Punjab, Uttarakhand and Goa… I think we have failed in the strategy we had in these elections. This is a matter of concern for us.” Patel said, “We should change our politics somewhere now.” The Congress lost power in Punjab in the recent elections and also in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur. Had to face a crushing defeat. Patel, who came into the limelight by leading the Patidar reservation movement, started active politics by joining the Congress in March 2019. In July, 2020, he was made the working president of the Pradesh Congress Committee. Due to being convicted in the case of violence during the reservation movement, he cannot contest the elections at the moment.

On the question related to the need to change the organization of the Congress, he said, “There is no need to change the Congress, there is a need to bring about a change in the methodology. Be it the leadership of Sonia ji or the leadership of Priyanka ji or Rahul ji, that is correct. We can admit the mistake of the state leadership. There has been factionalism in every state. Every leader in the states is trying to shine his own politics… Why can’t it be that everyone should sit down and decide together that the Congress has to be strengthened.” On the questions arising on the party leadership, Patel said, ” Rahul ji and Priyanka ji worked very hard throughout the election. How hard did those people who are raising the question put in? The questions that the Congress leaders are raising, what did they do to help the Congress?

When asked what necessary steps the party should take at the moment, the youth leader from Gujarat said, “It takes time to take a decision (in Congress), work should be done on it. Decisions need to be made quickly. A balance should be struck between senior leaders and youth. Those who are harming the party should be shown the way out.” To a question whether he was demanding action against G23, he said, “Those involved are senior leaders, settled. are leaders. Discuss with them what they want? He has also been a big face of the party. Should have a conversation with them. Everyone should talk.

When asked whether these election results will adversely affect the prospects of the Congress in the Gujarat Assembly elections, due later this year, Patel said, “We are not going to lose our spirits. We are doing programs continuously. What has the Gujarat elections to do with the Uttar Pradesh elections? We have to fight elections on the conditions and issues of Gujarat. Last time we got 82 seats, this time we will perform better than that.

He questioned, “Why did the Aam Aadmi Party win only in Punjab, while it exerted all its might in Goa and Uttarakhand? Is it not so that the BJP is helping AAP from behind against the Congress? He said, “Two or three faces can be prepared in the state. Then at the level of the assembly constituency, some faces will have to be given that they are our candidates. We will have to fight a battle on two-three fronts. A battle can never be fought on one front, we saw the result in Punjab. This is my personal opinion. We have to decide the process of election on two-three faces in Gujarat.

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