Health Ministry claims, said- India dealt with Omicron better than other countries



The government said on Wednesday that the cases of infection worldwide due to the Omicron form of the corona virus were 6 times more than in previous waves, but India managed to contain its spread, which led to fewer patients admitted to hospitals. Also, there were fewer deaths than before.

The Union Health Ministry said that in the week ending March 15, an average of 3,536 cases were reported. India’s contribution to the global cases of infection was only 0.21 percent. He said that cases are still increasing in many countries which are higher than in previous waves. A Health Ministry official said in a webinar on India’s public health response in dealing with Kovid-19, “Not only did the cases in India come down very rarely, but due to continuous efforts, the cases soon started declining. India compared to other countries omicron Well dealt with”

Fewer number of patients admitted in hospitals

Officials said that due to the rapid vaccination campaign in India, effective prevention measures and early detection of cases, fewer patients were admitted to hospitals and fewer deaths occurred during the third wave of corona virus. He told that by 31 December 2021, 90.8 percent of the population in India had been given the first dose of anti-coronavirus vaccine and 65.4 percent were given the second dose, which proved to be important in saving lives.

India has given more than 180 crore doses of vaccine, which is 3.2 times more than America and 12.7 times more than France. According to the ministry, 96.74 million adult beneficiaries have taken at least the first dose in India, which is 2.96 times the doses given in the US and 6.71 times the doses given in Russia. The ministry said that timely vaccination, wearing of face masks and following COVID friendly behavior continues. He said that it is important to partner with non-profit organizations to gain an edge in the fight against Kovid-19.

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