How heavy is the best stakeboard wrist guard helmet weight ?


The ALPINA FB JR. 2.0 FLASH best skateboard wrist guard helmet weighs about 348 g and is therefore particularly light. The low weight ensures optimal comfort while wearing.

Does the bicycle helmet have ventilation openings?

Yes, the UVEX Kid 3 bicycle helmet has ten ventilation openings that reliably prevent heat build-up.

How heavy is the bicycle helmet?

The ALPINA Unisex FB JR. 2.0 Bicycle helmet has a very low total weight of 230 g. The low overall weight ensures great wearing comfort and optimal safety at the same time.

Can the ROCKBROS TT-32WB-M children’s helmet be adapted to the respective head shape?

This children’s helmet from ROCKBROS has a 360° adjustable rotary wheel at the back of the head. This makes it easy to adjust. In addition, 12 air ducts ensure good breathability.

Is the ABUS Smiley 2.0 children’s helmet equipped with an adjustment wheel?

Yes, this bicycle helmet from ABUS has an adjustment wheel, which allows the helmet to be perfectly adapted to the child’s head. In addition, reflectors provide additional safety.

Is the meteor® Marven bicycle helmet equipped with an insect screen?

Yes, the front openings are equipped with a Fly Net system that reliably protects against insects. The reflective elements on the back of the helmet also ensure visibility in the dark.

How heavy is the Uvex children’s bicycle helmet?

The Uvex S414306 children’s bicycle helmet weighs 260 grams. Thanks to the in-mold technology, it offers perfect protection despite its low weight.

Does the Uvex Kid 2 bicycle helmet have good air circulation?

If you buy this children’s bicycle helmet from Uvex, you do not have to worry about a heat build-up. A total of eight ventilation openings ensure that cool air is directed inwards and warm air outwards.

What grades did the individual children’s bicycle helmets receive in our comparison?

You can choose your personal children’s bicycle helmet test winner from the following list:

First place – good: Children’s helmet TT-32SBTG-M from ROCKBROS – exemplary Internet price: 65 Euro

Second place – good: Children’s bicycle helmet from KORIMEFA – exemplary Internet price: 33 Euro

Third place – good: Kid 3 by UVEX – exemplary Internet price: 33 Euro

Fourth place – good: Kid 3 by UVEX – exemplary Internet price: 57 Euro

Fifth place – good: Bicycle helmet from Skullcap – exemplary Internet price: 25 Euro

Sixth place – good: S414982 from UVEX – exemplary Internet price: 27 Euro

Seventh place – good: Bicycle helmet for children from KED – exemplary Internet price: 35 Euro

Eighth place – good: FB JR. 2.0 by Alpina – exemplary Internet price: 30 Euro

Ninth place – good: Children’s helmet TT-32WB-M from ROCKBROS – exemplary Internet price: 65 Euro

Tenth place – good: Smiley 2.0 Unisex children’s bicycle helmet from Abus – exemplary Internet price: 29 Euro

The list shows: Of the 8 different manufacturers, the children’s bicycle helmets are divided into 2 “very good” children’s bicycle helmets and 13 “good” children’s bicycle helmets. The comparison winner children’s helmet TT-32SBTG-M from ROCKBROS received the best award among all grades in the ranking and at the same time cost only 64.89 euros.

With 6 products, the children’s bicycle helmet manufacturer UVEX has the most children’s bicycle helmets in the comparison table for children’s bicycle helmets comparison.

How many different manufacturers were compared and graded by the editors in the children’s bicycle helmet comparison?

Our editorial team has examined and best stakeboards trick compared 15 different children’s bicycle helmets from 8 manufacturers to give you the best product selection.

How much do the best children’s bicycle helmets cost in the children’s bicycle helmet comparison?

The best product in the children’s bicycle helmet comparison, our comparison winner FB JR. 2.0 FLASH by Alpina, you get 29.99 euros. However, if you don’t want to spend so much money on a children’s bicycle helmet, you can orient yourself to our price-performance winner Unisex Youth Child 2 from UVEX.

Which of the children’s bicycle helmets is rated and described by a large number of customers?

The children’s bicycle helmet from Abus is particularly well-known because over 9086 customers have given their first impressions after the purchase and rated the Smiley 2.0 Unisex children’s bicycle helmet from Abus.

Which children’s bicycle helmets did the editors rate particularly well?

The editors have awarded the grade “VERY GOOD” several times and in particular identified the following 2 children’s bicycle helmets: FB JR. 2.0 FLASH by Alpina and Unisex Jugend Kind 2 by UVEX

What similar items have consumers who added a children’s bicycle helmet to their shopping cart looked at?

Before buying a children’s bicycle helmet, customers often inspected other Alpina Ximo Flash, Uvex children’s helmets, and children’s helmets.

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