Identifying the Different types of Cafe Chairs that are available in the Market


Café chairs are indispensable furniture of any café. They contribute as a medium through which customers connect to the vibe of the café. The right set of café chairs can be wooden, or made of steel, wrought iron or aluminum. You can check the designs, the product specification and the price before you buy wholesale chairs. The outlook and the blending matter, but it is never above its functionality. 

As said by someone, eating is an experience on its whole. And eating doesn’t just involve the food, but also the environment and the comfort. Eating involves all five senses. This is the reason customers are very attracted to well maintained and near restaurants. 

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There are various types of chairs in the market, tending to all the needs you might have. A good café chair both has a good exterior look and provides you with maximum comfort. 

Few types of chairs based on the material they are made of 

Plastic chairs

These are the most affordable and common types of café chairs we find. Plastic is a really versatile material. Plastic can be moulded into any shape and size with the colour you might prefer. The problem with plastic chairs is they aren’t really UV resistant. Plastic chairs are now molded into many shapes, they are lightweight, and they generally look good for small cafes that have party set-ups. 

Wooden chairs

Wood has been the absolute classic throughout the years. Nothing could best wood in terms of appearance. The vibe it gives out is mature and elegant, so if the theme of your café is similar, you might want to consider wooden café chairs. A few disadvantages might be the chairs not being very strong and being costlier. But if you do it right, your café will rock the wooden chairs.  

Cafe Chairs

Metal chairs 

Metal chairs are more retro. You can buy those chairs that look elegant and fine, that give a retro look, or a more fashionable countryside look. You can also check some of the metal chairs that are as per filmy style. This will create more interest among the guests. The noise is a huge disturbance to the ambience, and you might not want to go for them if you want to maintain a calm environment. Metal café chairs are the longest lasting ones amongst the others. So, you might want to consider them if you are looking for longevity.  

Wicker braided chairs 

Wicker chairs are made of bamboo. They are long-lasting, light in weight and extremely cheap for how good they look. They are much eco-friendly too. They are also much more comfortable to sit in, but not many cafés employ them. It goes well with the summer concept or an ocean theme. 

If you prefer to give more heed to comfort, consider bean bags and sofas. Bean bags have been gaining a lot of popularity these days, 

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Café chairs better blend in with the rest of the furniture of your café. It is preferred if you could get them as sets along with the tables. Restaurant supply companies cater to all your needs, even if you want your furniture to be custom made. 

It would be a sweet gesture from your side if you could add chairs for children and the disabled. Smaller chairs and tables are all they take. 

The Bottom Line 

In conclusion, café chairs could be either attract or repel possible customers. So put your most care into choosing the chairs, prioritizing the customer comfort and outlook. Now, even bamboo chairs and chairs made of environment-friendly materials are in use, and you can get the best options from major online portals. 

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