Irfan Ka Cartoon: Petrol-diesel will not be available from March 7 full tank, Irfan took a jibe at inflation



Due to which oil prices are increasing. In such a situation, it is being feared that as soon as the voting for the election ends on March 7, the price of oil will start increasing in the country. On this, the country’s famous cartoonist Irfan has quipped. Let’s see what Irfan’s cartoon says

consumer is seen standing at the petrol pump

This cartoon shows a view of a petrol pump in which a consumer stands up to pour petrol into the car, keeping in view the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel after March 7. At the same time, there is a board at the petrol pump in which it is written that the tank will not be full before March 7.

Some companies are taking advantage of the situation

Meets a large part of its energy needs from imports 

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