PoE Trading Guide: How Do I Trade in Path of Exile


Trading in Path of Exile is a fantastic way to increase your in-game wealth. There are a lot of different items in the game, and most of them are either very powerful or not very good. You can engage in trade to acquire the items you desire, or you can sell the items you do not require. You also have the option to trade the items you have for others that are needed in the game.

However, trading in PoE can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Even though the game features an in-game function that allows players to trade with one another in a Chat Channel, this function is not the best because players no longer use it. In addition to that, the in-game Trade Channel will be discussed in this guide as well.

There are additional ways besides just trading that you can get items out of the game. We will go over all the different ways that you can trade your items in this article or guide that we have written.

Transactions Conducted Via the Trade ChannelIn-game

The game includes a number of different chat channels, which are referred to as Local, Global, Party, Whisper, Trade, and Guild, respectively. You can trade your POE items with other users within the Trade chat channel. However, you must connect the item in the trade channel to the trade in order to continue.

The procedures for trading items in the trade channel are as follows:

  • Launch the game Path of Exile on your personal computer
  • You can open your inventory by pressing “I” on your keyboard or another key that you have assigned to the inventory function
  • After you have finished opening your inventory, you should now press “Enter” on your keyboard or another key that you have assigned to be the chat key
  • The chat console will open at this point
  • Proceed to the “Trade” tab in the menu
  • You can link items by first holding down the “Ctrl” and “Alt” keys on your keyboard and then left-clicking on the item you want to link
  • After that, you will see the name of your item along with an icon representing it
  • When you are ready, hit the “Enter” button on your keyboard
  • You have successfully linked your item in the trade channel at this point

However, before you begin trading, you will need to become familiar with three acronyms: WTT, WTB, and WTS. Want to Trade, Want to Buy, and Want to Sell are abbreviations that are used interchangeably in this context. In order to trade with another item, type WTT before the icon, then type the item you want to trade with along with its stats. When selling certain items, you have the option to specify which PoE currency you want in exchange and how much of it you want.

For instance, if you have a Gauntlet in your inventory and want to trade it for a Level 80 Single Handed Sword that deals a lot of physical damage, you would type “WTT (link your item) Level 80 Single Handed Sword that deals a lot of physical damage.” This would initiate the trade. Apply the same strategy to the sale. However, you do not have to link items in order to complete a purchase. Put “WTB” in front of the item’s name along with the stats you require.

In the “trade chat,” you will come across many messages pertaining to trading. As I’ve mentioned in the previous section, what you want to do should be typed into the trade channel. Hold off on making any purchases until you find something that interests you.

After that, use your right mouse button to select the player who is attempting to buy the item, and then click the “Whisper this Player” option.

You will now be on the “Whisper” tab of the chat window, where you can talk to the other player about buying, selling, or trading items.

This is the only method available within the game to trade the items you have. This method also takes a significant amount of time and can be very laborious at times. You will need to keep looking for a specific item for a number of hours in order to obtain it or obtain an offer for your trade. However, many players are not participating in the trade channel at the moment. The majority of players prefer to trade items using methods that are not related to the game itself.

Let’s talk about some other strategies that don’t involve the game now.

Trading Using the Page of Elder Scrolls Forum

There is a tab labeled “Forum” on the official PoE website, which users can use to conduct all of their trades. Every player has the ability to post items on the market for sale, purchase, or trade. The purpose of the Forum Trading subforum is to allow users to search for specific items and communicate with other users who are selling, buying, or trading items.

After making the item available for other players to purchase, you will need to wait for their responses. Alternately, if you are interested in purchasing something, you will have to respond to the posts made by other players and then wait for them to respond to you. Therefore, it is possible that it will take some time, but ultimately, you will find what you are looking for in a relatively short amount of time. You can accomplish this by following the steps that are listed below.

  • After that, select the “FORUM” option.
  • After that, select “Trading” from the bottom menu.
  • You will be presented with a number of options, each of which will have a description such as “Standard Trading — Shops,” “Standard Trading — Selling,” “Standard Trading — Buying,” etc. You should use these for Standard League. There are additional choices available for use in other leagues as well.
  • The “Standard Trading-Shops” are for the standard league and allow players to put a large number of items up for trade in exchange for the currency that they require. You can also provide additional information regarding your item. You have the option of linking the item to the forum, which will allow other users to view the item you are offering for sale, purchase, or trade.
  • You can choose the topic in which you want to post your item for trading or selling, or you can search for the topic that contains the item you want to purchase. After that, select the “New Thread” option.
  • After that, a new window for the thread will open. The next step is to give your thread a title by typing it out.
  • After that, select the “Content” checkbox and click it.
  • On the top left of the screen, you will see a picture of your character along with their name. Simply select it with the mouse.
  • After that, the door to your inventory will open. Simply select the item or items you want to link by clicking on them.(After you click, you won’t be notified, but there’s no need to worry about that.)After that, make sure the inventory box is shut.
  • The content box will be updated with a link that has been automatically copied and pasted. After that, select the “Submit” option.

You will be able to post the items that you want to sell or trade if you follow these steps. This lengthy process is for selling or trading, as I mentioned earlier on in this post. If you are interested in making a purchase, search for the item that you require within the topic of your league, and make contact with the player who is selling the item.

Transactions Conducted Via the Trade Tab on the PoE Page

This method is superior to the other two methods in that it is both more time and labor efficient. But for someone who has never played before, this method can be quite perplexing. The ‘Trading’ tab on the page can only be used to exchange items for other ones, and doing so is simple once you understand how it works.

  • Therefore, if you have no idea how to make use of this. This topic will walk you through each step of the process that you need to go through in order to trade your items.
  • Launch the official Page of Honor website first.
  • To begin, look for the login option on the top left of the page, and then click where it says “LOG IN.”
  • After that, all you need to do is click the “LOGIN” button after entering your email address and password in the respective fields.
  • Next, select “Trade” from the menu.
  • On the left side of the screen, you will now see two tabs labeled “Search Listed Items” and “Bulk Item Exchange.”

It is essential that you are aware of the functions of these two tabs. But first, on the left side of the screen, to the right of the bar labeled “Search Items,” you will see two drop-down boxes. The first one is for selecting which league you want to play in. For instance, since we compete in the “Standard” league, we will select the Standard option. Determine which league you want to play in.

Then, on the following page, you will be prompted to select whether you want to search for items from Online Only, Online in League, or Any players or traders. This includes those who play the game offline as well as those who play it online.

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