Russia is saving its soldiers from the counterattack of Ukraine, Russian soldiers stuck in Kyiv here and there



A fierce war has been going on between Russia and Ukraine for 18 days. Hundreds of soldiers of both the countries have been killed in this war so far. Meanwhile, the Russian army has kidnapped the mayor of the Ukrainian city of Melitopol. At the same time, Britain’s intelligence department has reported a conflict near Kyiv. Britain’s Defense Ministry has said that a fierce battle with Russian troops is going on about 25 kilometers northwest of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

The latest intelligence report says that a large number of Russian soldiers have been scattered in the northern part of Kyiv. It is being said that this has been done as part of an attempt to encircle the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The latest intelligence report also said that it could also be part of Russia’s exercise to protect its troops from a Ukrainian counterattack, as Ukrainian soldiers and fighters inflicted heavy casualties on Russian troops. In addition to Kyiv, the cities of Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy and Mariupol are surrounded and facing heavy Russian shelling, the latest report said.

Zelensky invites Putin for talks

The same Ukrainian President Zelensky has invited talks with Putin in Jerusalem. Zelensky said he has asked Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to act as a mediator. Meanwhile, Ukraine has accused the Russian army of kidnapping the mayor of the Ukrainian city of Melitopol. Regarding this, Zelensky said that the kidnapped mayor of Melitopol is alive and Russian soldiers are torturing him.

Mariapol Mosque was targeted

In addition, the Ukrainian government said on Saturday that Russian forces targeted a mosque in the city of Mariapol where more than 80 people were staying. However, in the statement issued by the government, no immediate information has been given regarding the number of casualties. At the same time, in this war, Russia has 70 percent control over Ukraine’s second largest city, Luhansk.

Luhansk Governor Serhi Haidai informed that Russia has controlled 70 percent of Luhansk Oblast. Satellite images show Russian forces coming closer to Kyiv and firing in residential areas.

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