Russia’s bombing continues on Ukraine’s cities for the 22nd day, Putin said – Operation continues as planned



The bloody war between Russia and Ukraine continues for the fourth week. Ukraine has been completely devastated in this war and hundreds of innocents have been killed. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky once again referred to the no fly zone and said that NATO should impose a no fly zone over Ukraine so that Russian air strikes can be stopped. At the same time, US President Joe Biden flatly refused to implement the no fly zone.

In fact, on Wednesday, Zelensky appeared in the US Parliament where he said that if you want to help us, then NATO should implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine so that Russian airstrikes can stop. He further said, this is a time of challenge for our country and the whole of Europe. Zelensky said, “You have to help us more, impose more sanctions on Russia so that it is forced to stop the attack. Make sure that Russia does not get a penny for attacking Ukraine.”

Let us tell, US lawmakers applauded Zelensky’s speech, but Biden flatly refused to implement the no-fly zone by holding a press conference. He said, the threat of third world war cannot be taken. However, Biden has announced $800 million in military aid for Ukraine, including long-range air defense systems.

Biden’s statement

Biden said that this package will help Ukraine a lot. It also includes 800 anti-aircraft systems that will prevent Russian air and helicopter attacks. We are sending this help on the request of President Zelensky, which also includes 9 thousand anti-armor systems. This announcement of America has been called by Russia as a provocative act. Putin has clearly said that Russia is not bothered by US sanctions and military aid. Russia’s military operation in Ukraine will continue until Ukraine accepts its terms.

Putin bluntly

At the same time, Putin said in a statement, ‘Our operation in Ukraine is proceeding according to the planned plan. The Russian military presence near Kyiv and other cities is not meant for occupation. We do not want to occupy Ukraine, Ukraine has to fulfill our legitimate demand. Russia has put three conditions before Ukraine, first Ukraine should give written guarantee not to join NATO, second Ukraine should limit the strength of its military and third should recognize Luhansk and Donetsk as independent countries. However, even after 21 days of war, Zelensky is not ready to bow down.

Zelensky is not ready to give up

We have no plans to throw up arms until we are victorious, says Zelensky. We are at home, we are defending our land, our homes, our families, Ukraine. Russia continues to bomb the cities of Ukraine for the 22nd day.

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