The robbers got a huge amount in the robbery, then the offering of 1 lakh was offered to God, in the hands of the police like this



The North Delhi Police has arrested 5 vicious criminals while solving a sensational case of loot of crores of rupees. Police have also recovered Rs 1 crore 15 lakh cash and gold worth Rs 10 lakh from them. After the arrest of these robbers, a shocking revelation has also come to light. According to the police, when these vicious miscreants carried out this robbery, they did not know at all that the one they are going to make their victim has an amount of more than 1 crore. This is the reason that after committing the robbery, Rs 1 lakh was offered as an offering to the Khatu Shyam temple in Rajasthan. DCP North Sagar Singh Kalsi said that on March 2, some miscreants along with two traders had carried out a robbery of 1 crore 15 lakhs in the Tila area of ​​Delhi’s Majnu.

5 robbers arrested in Delhi

Police said that according to complainant Narendra Aggarwal, he was going to Rohini from Kucha Mahajani area Scooty along with one of his accomplices Govind. He had Rs.1.25 crore in cash which he had collected from Kucha Mahajani. According to the complainant, when his scooty reached the mound area of ​​Majnu, 3 people on a bike hit him from behind. The scooty fell due to the collision, after which the people on the bike tried to snatch the bag from the complainant, when the complainant protested, the miscreants robbed the bag by showing weapons and fled. This incident of robbery in broad daylight created a sensation in the entire area. Police registered a case and started investigation.

clues from cctv footage

The police first scanned the CCTV footage installed in the area, about 100 CCTVs were searched and the police got a clue from this CCTV. Actually, in CCTV, the police saw two boys on a bike. One was wearing a red shirt and the other was wearing a blue one. But there was no number plate on the bike. In the investigation of CCTV, it was found that both these boys had passed through here earlier also. Because the manner in which this robbery was carried out, the police felt that some informer had informed the robbers about the money in the bag and when both the merchants took the bag full of money from Kucha Mahajani area. Since then the miscreants started chasing both of them.

The robbers were partying everyday after the robbery

In fact, this entire case was revealed only after examining the CCTV accurately and thoroughly. While examining the CCTV, the police team reached the area across Yamuna in Delhi. Here the police informer informed the police that some boys are partying everyday these days. On the basis of this information, the police made a plan to raid and when the police team was going to raid, the police saw a boy in a red shirt. This was the same boy who was present in the red shirt even during the robbery. The police caught him. When he was interrogated, he confessed that he and his associates had done this robbery together. On its spot, the police also arrested four more accused involved in the robbery case. According to the police, a jeweler named Bobby is also involved in this. According to the police, Bobby was giving information about each and every movement of both the traders to the robbers.

Police recovered 1 crore 26 lakh cash

When the police interrogated these accused, these accused also made many shocking revelations. During interrogation, the robbers told that when they carried out the robbery, they had no idea that there would be more than one crore cash inside the bag. After getting more cash than expected, the robbers reached Khatu Shyam temple in Rajasthan and made an offering of 1 lakh there. Not only this, during interrogation, the miscreants also told that they also bought liquor worth 1 lakh with the looted amount and used to party with it every day. Police say that even before this, these miscreants have been involved in three more incidents of robbery. After the arrest of the accused, the police have recovered 1 crore 26 lakh cash, two scooties bought with the looted money, gold worth Rs 10 lakh, one gold chain, two pistols and four live cartridges from them.

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