Is Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency worth investing in?


TRON has been considered the loudest and most ambitious blockchain project for several years, which aims to make sure that Internet users have unfettered access to online gaming, social networking, calling, and streaming. This means the tron historical price chart will go up. 

Users already have control over their personal data and are rewarded for sharing interesting content, including various dApps.

Tron price chart analysis: What is Tron (TRX) in simple words?

TRON is a decentralized network. It is also today’s main competitor of Ethereum, despite different consensus mechanisms (Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake). And tron price chart analysis demonstrates that the project has a great future. 

Such popular applications as Wink (online casino), Justswap (decentralized trading platform) and Rocket Game (online casino and betting) operate on the Tron blockchain. The list is constantly expanding as TRON evolves and the community grows.

TRX is a native cryptocurrency of the TRON protocol that is used to pay for content in various applications, to make fast and cheap payments, and as an investment tool. Long-term holders of TRX can lock their assets for 3, 6 or 12 months and keep the project safe through stacking.

Tron price chart analysis: about TRON Foundation

The TRON Foundation is the main developer of the blockchain of the same name. The organization was founded in 2017 by programmer Justin Sun, who released the first version of the Tron protocol based on Ethereum, which later migrated to its own network. The TRON Foundation is often featured in the cryptocurrency media as it regularly partners with and releases updates to its product.

In mid-2018, TRON acquired file-sharing service BitTorrent, and in early 2019 partnered with Tether to release the TRC20-USDT stablecoin. In late 2019, the organization began partnering with tech giant Samsung, which implemented support for TRX in the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone wallets. TRON has also been added to the Samsung Play marketplace. If you’ve been thinking about how to buy shiba inu, think again – perhaps it makes sense to invest in TRX?

In December 2020, the TRON Foundation announced that the project’s ecosystem has over 1,400 decentralized applications used by about 10,000 people a day. In the same month, the total transaction volume of TRON-based apps surpassed that of Ethereum. 

Prospects for TRON

TRON’s popularity in the second half of 2020 has been driven by the growth of the decentralized finance space. For example, DeFi-application Justlend experienced the most real boom, which was some driver of TRX price growth. It’s all about the fact that Justlend allows its users to lend in TRX tokens and receive dividends on them.

TRON is interesting because of its scalability, high speed, and low fees. If you compare it to Ethereum, TRON is definitely one of the best in this regard.

As for the price, you need to pay attention to the announcements that TRON releases. On a positive news backdrop, you can make a pretty good profit.

The increased regulation of crypto projects is interesting. TRON is already under the supervision of the Singapore regulator, which has a friendly stance towards cryptocurrencies. This also has a positive effect on shiba inu coin price prediction 2030. By the way, by the example of shiba inu coin live price chart, you can see how strongly the crypto market reacts to such events. 

TRON is one of the few that constantly builds up its portfolio of partnerships, thereby building trust in its product. TRON had a goal to develop a blockchain platform for user-generated content, and it’s done. The platform works, the community is large, transactions are almost instantaneous, and online activity is at a very high level. 

Dai coin price chart: take note

The above information is enough for us to recommend adding TRX to your investment portfolio. Also pay attention to the dai token price, which will increase 100% in the future. Dai price now is very profitable to buy. You can see this by analyzing the Dai coin price chart. 

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