New initiative of Mumbai Police, will have to take stock of the security of old citizens every week, will have to ask



The new Police Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Sanjay Pandey has started a new initiative. In the order issued by him recently, he said that the Mumbai Police will have to take care of the elderly and the elderly living in their jurisdiction.

He said in his new order that the elderly citizens living in Mumbai have to face many problems. Providing them security is a very important job for Mumbai Police. For this, Pandey has issued some new guidelines for the police. In which it has been said that all the police beat outposts in Mumbai, make a list of all the elderly citizens living under its jurisdiction, who live alone in their homes and give it to their senior police officer.

Will have to ask problems together once a week

A register should also be kept in the house of all the elders. Pandey has also said in his order that all the police beat officers who live alone in their work area will have to meet them once a week to inquire about their concerns and the women who are elderly women policemen will visit their homes and take care of them. Will write about it in detail in the register kept at her house.

Number of elderly citizens distributed among all officers

Pandey further said that all the police officers who are there, they should divide the elderly citizens living in their jurisdiction among themselves so that only the elderly citizen whose name is in front of the name of each officer, takes care of them and keeps on taking care of their work from them so that That elderly citizen should also feel comfortable talking to any one.

Surprise check by meeting senior officers

Apart from this, Pandey said that the in-charge of every police station should do a surprise check for the elderly citizens in their area of ​​work for whether their officers are working properly or not, so that if this order is not being implemented properly, then it should be arranged. can be effectively implemented.

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